Cross Platform of Mobile Apps


Cross Platform for Mobile Apps

Is Cross Platform the Future for Mobile Apps? Did you ever think that an android app can work on an iOS platform?
Sounds a tad tricky, isn’t it? But this is what mobile app developers around the globe are trying to achieve. The present trend of mobile app development is a development of cross-platform applications. Why? Offering a mobile application which keeps running over all the significant platforms, say Apple, Android and Windows, is the real reason.

The mobile ecosystem is hopelessly fragmented, with a multitude of devices, powered by divergent flavors of multiple operating systems. Cross-platform development would seem as the obvious choice in such a state of affairs. Many developers simply embrace cross-platform development instead. Gartner estimates about 50% of apps are now hybrid.

The obvious benefit of cross-platform mobile application development is reduced costs. Developers spend their time and resources only once, rather than reinvent the wheel for each platform. The savings that emerge when only one instance of the software has to be maintained, on a periodic basis, offers even greater savings. Updates sync automatically to all platforms. Code re-usability and enhanced cloud-based deployments contribute to reduced costs in a big way as well. Such benefits are invaluable in a highly competitive environment where businesses are looking to cut costs and improve process efficiency in a big way. Cross-platform development infuses consistency to the app, cutting across platforms and devices. A uniform look and feel goes a long way in reinforcing the brand image and improving retention rates.
  • PhoneGap: Utilizes the FOSS environment to create HTML and Java based apps, compatible with most OS landscape.

  • Kinvey: Offers a cloud-based backend service for developers.

  • Xamarin: Offers C# codebase and code-sharing functionality on multiple platforms.

  • Yapp: Allows users to create personalized mobile apps.

  • MobinCube: a drag and drop, web-based app builder, offer rich templates that cut across platforms.

  • Appcelerator:The mobile app development platform delivers native apps, with real-time mobile analytics.


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